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FIFO workers wasting cash


Lament of the FIFO The West Australian 12 Oct 2019 KATE RYAN Too many of WA’s fly-in, fly-out workers blow their pay packets on takeaway meals, drugs and alcohol and have nothing to show for it in their savings. Speaking at the FIFO Mental Health Summit this week, Investwise managing director Daniel McQuillan spoke [...]

FIFO workers wasting cash2019-10-25T04:23:11+00:00

Investments and negative gearing


Negative gearing – a term you hear a lot in investor circles, but what exactly does it mean? Negative gearing is when the ongoing costs of an investment are more than its return. In property terms, this means the cost of repaying your loan and maintaining your property is higher than the rental income [...]

Investments and negative gearing2019-08-28T02:19:57+00:00

June quater reveals improvement to Perth’s rental market


Positive signs are starting to emerge in the rental market with data showing the market held onto its first increase in median weekly rent prices since the December 2016 quarter. REIWA President Damian Collins said there had been a significant decline in vacancy rates over the last few years, with Perth currently the most [...]

June quater reveals improvement to Perth’s rental market2019-07-30T04:27:50+00:00

More borrowing power for you !


The Australian prudential regulation authority has changed serviceability assessments on home loan applications. The results ? Previously when applying for a mortgage, APRA requires lenders to apply a 7% minimum assessment rate to your loan. Most lenders chose to use 7.25% which means that your application was evaluated on your ability to repay (or service) [...]

More borrowing power for you !2019-07-17T06:22:52+00:00

Understanding the basics of Property Investment


Looking to buy an investment property? Here are some basic guidelines to help you make smarter decisions and achieve greater returns. There are two components that make up the price you pay for an investment property – the value of the land and the value of the building. As a general rule of thumb, [...]

Understanding the basics of Property Investment2019-07-11T04:37:22+00:00

Reserve Bank of Australia cuts rate to new record low to help revive sluggish economy


Australian interest rates have been cut to their lowest level in history. The official rate is now just 1.25 per cent after the Reserve Bank board met today and agreed to lower the rate from 1.5 per cent. It has been forced to cut rates in a bid to prevent the unemployment rate rising [...]

Reserve Bank of Australia cuts rate to new record low to help revive sluggish economy2019-06-04T07:47:27+00:00

Perth property most affordable in more than two decades


The Perth property market is at its most affordable in more than two decades, as falling prices and wage growth make entry into the housing market easier for Perth families. Housing Industry Association figures show that Perth remains the most affordable market of any of Australia’s capital cities for average families. The HIA’s quarterly [...]

Perth property most affordable in more than two decades2019-01-23T08:51:18+00:00

Strike while the iron is hot in Perth, Knight Frank report


Now is the time for buyers to pounce on prime Perth real estate, amid a promising swell of activity, according to the latest Knight Frank’s Prime Global Cities Index – Q3 2018. The Western Australia state of Perth is where those with deep pockets should park their cash, according to Knight Frank’s latest Prime [...]

Strike while the iron is hot in Perth, Knight Frank report2018-12-11T07:06:34+00:00

Location, location, location!


This well-known catchphrase expresses the fundamental idea that the area or location of a property is the most important factor in determining its worth. However, there are many additional variables that will determine how a location becomes valuable and whether it will remain so. Some desirable location factors are constant, for example – proximity [...]

Location, location, location!2018-12-11T07:02:11+00:00

$1b Lithium plant near Bunbury gets environmental approval


The world’s biggest lithium miner has been given environmental approval to build a massive processing plant near Bunbury, paving the way for hundreds of new jobs in the South West. Albemarle Corporation will need 500 workers when it builds the $1 billion lithium plant in the Kemerton industrial area. A further 500 jobs will [...]

$1b Lithium plant near Bunbury gets environmental approval2018-12-04T05:42:47+00:00

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