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About Investwise

Investwise is a small but highly experienced team of investment specialists, committed to helping you achieve your investment goals one step at a time. Our unique wealth creation model allows for less negative gearing and stronger cash flow, so you can start to maximise the potential of your investments right away.

In addition to our depth of knowledge of the property investment industry, we are able to offer a wide range of opportunities that represent the best value and future capital growth potential for our clients. All approved projects are well researched through analysis of emerging trends and city planning, with options to suit every need, ranging from inner urban apartment developments to medium-size land subdivisions.

Leadership Team

Co-founder, Executive Director and Senior Portfolio Manager

Dip. Fs(fb). (fs). (fp). (ps) Cert.IV.FMB

Daniel is a qualified financial advisor and mortgage broker with a passion for finance and investment. After relocating to Perth from Sydney in 2000, Daniel teamed up with industry experts to co-found Western Australian Finance Group (WAFG).
Since then, Daniel has found a niche opportunity in property investment. As a tactical strategist, and holding a diploma in Real Estate Property Services Agency Management, he is able to leverage his deep understanding of financial instruments and in-depth knowledge of property investment economics to assist you to achieve your financial goals, safely and responsibly.

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Our Philosophy

At Investwise, we share one key philosophy: the investor always comes first. Our team is not only adept at sharing knowledge and information with our clients, we enjoy it!

We will provide you with professional investment strategy coaching to ensure you understand the business of property investment, and can begin to conceptualise strategies of your own. Ultimately, our goal is to help you to feel confident and capable, as you embark on your own pathway to wealth creation and financial freedom.

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