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Financial freedom is a mental, emotional and educational process

Financial understanding is the missing piece of the jigsaw for the wellbeing of many FIFO employees and their families.

“Money isn’t everything….but it does rank somewhere between water and oxygen.”

Our quality of life today and in the future will depend mostly on our ability to accumulate, control and manage money.

The Investwise FIFO Support Project will give workers and their families the education and confidence to become skilled money managers with their own finances. With financial anxiety playing a major impact on the family dynamic and a leading reason for divorce in Australia, these issues can be amplified in the FIFO community. FIFO workers can often feel detached from their financial position while working away and have been known to overspend on luxuries on return from swing. The Investwise FIFO Support Project is all about support, knowledge and helping people take accountability of their own destiny.

 “Its not necessarily how much money we earn, it’s the ability to manage money that makes the difference”.

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